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  • Should I renovate my buy-to-let?

    • Posted in Industry News on 19/02/18

    It is crucial that any costly renovations also boost capital value. For example, if you renovate a run-down property, you may add a bit to its value, but if you can add an extension and increase capacity, you will likely dramatically increase the value of the property – as well as being able to charge a higher rent.

  • When is the optimal time to sell my home?

    • Posted in Industry News on 14/02/18

    Deciding when to put your home up for sale can be a tricky business, especially if you don’t know the market well. But, by timing it correctly you will stand a better chance of achieving your desired purchase price, and of getting a sale as quickly as possible.

  • A look at the 2018 housing market

    • Posted in Industry News on 12/02/18

    Read our analysis and predictions for the housing market in 2018...

  • Warddykes Primary 7 pupil wins ‘fairy tale castle’ competition

    • Posted in Wardhaugh News on 08/02/18

    A P7 pupil at Warddykes Primary School in Arbroath has won a p4-7-wide competition to ‘Draw a Fairy Tale Castle’ and will have their design printed on 200 glossy new property guides.